Hide windows easily with Clicky Gone

Clicky Gone allows you to hide your selected windows from view; this includes the taskbar button associated with the application. This utility particularly helps with protecting your privacy by hiding things like your browser with banking details up and someone walks in on you.

There is no need to close your applications if they are taking up to much space on your desktop or taskbar. Each window you hide can optionally be placed as a small icon in the system tray for easy recovery.

This very small application can also reduce the load on your computer by running hidden applications in the background so that they do not interfere with the visible ones. You can also manage an applications priority manually by using its system menu, this menu can be found by right clicking on the title bar or the taskbar button.

Clicky Gone’s current features include.

  1. Click and Hide by holding down keyboard modifiers
  2. Run hidden windows application’s in the background, i.e Low priority
  3. Toggle all windows to hide and show
  4. Boss Key support, hide the active window and mute the sound
  5. A fancey menu that shows you all your hidden windows
  6. Prevent click hiding on full screen applications, i.e. Games
  7. Hide menu on applications caption and taskbar icon
  8. Process priority menu on applications caption and taskbar icon
  9. Hide windows in system tray or completely from view
  10. Prevent stuborn windows from showing up after they are hidden, i.e. a long task completes and the application shows another window from the one you have hidden
  11. Transparency Effect

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