Excel – How to configure the ‘Move Selection After Enter’ direction

When you enter information in a cell, and then press the Enter key, by default, Excel moves the selection to the cell below the one in which you entered the information. This the behaviour that we would want in most situations. But there could be times when we want the selection to move Right or in any other direction  You can configure Excel to move in a different direction after pressing Enter by following these steps:

  1. On the menu go to Tools > Option.
  2. Make sure the Edit tab is selected.
  3. Make sure the Move Selection After Enter check box is selected.
  4. Use the Direction drop-down list to specify the direction that Excel should move.
  5. Click OK.

excel tips

There is another interesting thing about how Excel selects a new cell: If you press Shift+Enter (instead of just Enter) after entering data in a cell , then Excel selects the cell in the opposite direction of what you have specified in step 4. Thus, if the Direction drop-down list is set to Down, and you press Shift+Enter, then Excel actually moves the selection upwards.