Clipboard Magic – Multiple Storage Clipboard Utility

Clipboard Magic is a Windows clipboard enhancement utility.clipboardmagic1This clipboard extender can dramatically enhance your productivity when cutting and pasting text or when filling in repetitive web forms.

Any text copied to the Windows clipboard is automatically archived in Clipboard Magic. This text may be copied back to the clipboard with a click of the mouse. Text may also be edited and added manually. Clipboard lists may be saved to a file to be loaded later. Features include drag and drop, clip management and serial paste hotkeys. Many options exist including search and replace, stay on top of other windows and ability to suspend archiving. Runs from the system tray for quick access.


Ways to Use Clipboard Magic

* Storing and pasting boiler plate text
* Maintaining standardized answers for common support questions
* Storing common code snippets
* Noting thoughts
* Remembering text
* Personal database
* Contacts – addresses, phone numbers, emails, web sites, formulas, signature text..
* Filling in on line forms
* Organizing information
* Notes
* Storing often used text
* Manage “to do” lists
* Storing messages to refer back to (ICQ, E-mail…)
* Drafting messages or emails
* Making notes of numbers, prices, features…
* When doing calculations.. storing numbers and formulas
* Capture ideas at the time of conception
* Reducing repetitive typing
* Prevent repetitive stress injury (RSI)

Download Clipboard Magic