Sanction of Addl.pension based on age proof certificates for pre 2006 pensioners

The matter of sanction of additional pension/family pension by acceptance of age proof/date of birth certificate by Heads of Offices was considered by Department of Pension and Pensioner's welfare.

The Department has now decided that where the pensioner/family pensioner has submitted any of the prescribed documents as proof of age/date of birth etc., payment of additional pension shall continue on provisional basis for a period of six months from date of submitting proof of age or upto 31.12.2010 whichever is later.

In cases where the Pension is claimed on the basis of some other documents, such cases shall be submitted to the concerned Ministry who shall make final decision.

For further details see the Department's O.M. No.38/37/08/P&PW(A) dated 28.09.2010.

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