Restoration of air travel to entitiled class except LTC

Govt had earlier restricted the domestic and foreign air travel on government account to economy class only irrespective entitlement of the officers (refer OM.No: 7(1)E.Coord/2009 dated 2.09.2009).

Now, this restriction has been relaxed and it has been decided by govt that with effect from 1.4.2010, travel on government account by air both domestic and international may take place by entitled class.

However, the Govt has also clearly stated that the austerity measures will remain in place for travel by air (where admissible) on LTC, which would continue to be restricted to economy class irrespective of the entitlement.

Download O.M.No: 7(1)E.Coord/2009 dated 22.03.2010 for restoration  of air travel on government account except LTC

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