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Ramzan holiday on 10th Sep for CG employees in Karnataka

The holiday already declared on account of Idu'l Fitr (Ramzan) on 11.09.2010 by the CGEWCC, Karnataka is changed to 10.09.2010 for all Central Government Offices of Karnataka.

For offices outside Delhi / New Delhi, the Central Government Employees  Welfare Coordination Committees at the State Capitals are authorised to change the date of holiday, in respect of Idu'l Fitr, Idu1 Zuha, Muharram and Id-e-Milad, if necessary, depending upon sighting of the Moon,if necessary, based on the decision of the concerned State Governments / Union Territories, in respect of Idu1 Fitr, Idu1 Zuha, Muharram and Id-e-Milad.

Now, Central Government Employees Welfare Coordination Committee,  Karnataka, has issued order dated 02-09-2010 to this effect which can be downloaded from the link below.

Letter dated 02-09-2010 issued by Central Government Employees Welfare Coordination Committee, Karnataka for declaring holiday on 10.09.2010

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