Recruitment of sportsperson against sports quota





No.2012/E(Sports)/4(1)/Policy Clarifications

New Delhi, 3rd September 2012

The General Managers (P),

All Zonal Railways including

CLW, DLW, ICF, RCF, RWF, Metro Railway/Kolkata,

The CAO(R), DMW/Patiala,

The DG, RDSO/Lucknow.

Sub:- Recruitment of sportsperson against sports quota.

Ref:- Railway Board’s letters of even number dated dt. 18.04.2012 (RBE No. 52/2012) & 26.06.2012 (RBE No. 75/2012) and 2010/E(Sports)/4(1)/1(Policy) dated 31.12.2010 (RBE No. 189B/2010).

In continuation of Board’s letters referred to above regarding recruitment of sportsperson on Indian Railways against Sports Quota, following is clarified:-

(i) Instructions issued vide Board’s letter of even number dt. 18.04.2012 (RBE No. 52/2012) will come into effect for all recruitment against sports quota both through Talent Scouting and Open Advertisement from the year 2013-14 onwards.

(ii) All recruitment  against sports quota both through Talent Scouting and Open advertisement for the year 2012-13, will be done as per instructions issued vide Board’s letter No. 2010/E(Sports)/4 (1)/(Policy) dated 31.12.2010 (RBE No.189B/2010), read with modifications issued from time to time.

(iii) Any recruitment against sports quota for the year 2012-13 which has already been completed and conducted by the Railways as per Board’s instructions dated 18.04.2012(RBE No. 75/2012) remains valid.

2. Recruitment against sports quota both through Talent Scouting and Open Advertisement for the year 2012-13 must be initiated before 3.11.2012 and finalized by 28.02.2013.

3. Receipt of this letter may please be ensured.



Director, Estt.(Sports)

Source: AIRF & NFIR