Package & Career Progression of Railway Trackmen

Package & Career Progression of Railway  Track-men – Decisions taken relating to Uniforms

RBE No.106/2012




No. E(IW) 2012/UN-1/5

New Delhi, dated 25-09-2012

The General Managers,

All Indian Railways & PUs

sub:- Issues related to Package & Career Progression of Track-men – Recommendations of the Joint Committee reg.

   Kindly refer to the Board’s instructions on Dress Regulations and subsequent amendments issued thereon from time to time. Further to this, a Joint Committee comprising the representatives of the Staff side and the Official side was constituted to consider various issues related to package and career progression of track-men on Railways. Pursuant to the recommendations made by the said Committee, the following decisions have been taken with respect to the issues related to Uniform of Track-men:-

   a) Protective Helmets with miner’s lights should be included as a part of T&P items for night patrolman as a part of safety measure;

   b) Quality of uniforms being supplied to Track-men should be strictly as per the prescribed specifications and lighter inspection mechanism for warmness of the clothing should be ensured;

   C) Quality of Jerseys should be such as to ensure adequate warmth to match weather conditions;

   d) Retro-reflective clothing should be supplied timely to each individual; and

   e) Two pairs of shoes will now form a part of the uniform of the Track-men and hence, they may be reimbursed Rs.900 p.a. However, the reimbursement is subject to the actual procurement of shoes and submission of receipt thereof. As such, the reimbursement should be given upto twice a year @ Rs.450 per reimbursement.

   2. The above instructions are effective from the date of Issue of the orders.

   3. This has the sanction of the President and it issues with the concurrence of the Finance Directorate of the Ministry of Railways.


(Debasis Mazumdar)

Director Estt (Welfare)

Railway Board