One booking in one login session – Restriction imposed on Railway Ticket booking

Railways to Implement One booking in one login session for online train ticket booking

Railway Board, has issued instructions regarding the Passenger advance reservation booking.  In order to facilitate everybody to book online railway tickets it is announced by Railway Board that it is going to implement one booking in one login session. The details are given below.

It has been decided that in case of e-ticketing, there will be a restriction of only one booking in one user login session and forced logging out of the user before another booking for all users including IRCTC agents but excluding defence booking under warrants only.

2. This restriction will be applicable while booking of e-tickets between 0800 and 1200 hours.

3. However, this restriction will not be applicable while booking onward journey/ return journey e-tickets.

4. This may be implemented with immediate effect.

5. CRIS and IRCTC may take necessary action accordingly and advise the same to this office.

Download Railway Board letter No. 2001/TG-I/20/P/Reservation dated 12.03.2015

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