MACP Scheme not applicable to Teaching Staff – Railway Board

Railway School Teachers are not entitled for MACP scheme – Railway Board

In reply to the representation made by AIRF for granting MACP to Railway to School Teachers Railway board has replied that since Railway School Teachers are covered by Carrer Advancement Scheme they are not entitled for MACP Scheme. The full text of this clarification is as follows.




No. PC-V/2011/M/3/AIRF

New Delhi, dated 06.11.2012

The General Secretary


4, State Entry Road,

New Delhi – 110055


Sub: Benefit of MACPS to Railway School Teachers.

The undersigned is directed to refer to AIRF’s letter No.AIRF/MACP (276), dt. 28-08-2012 on the above subject and to state that in terms of para-13 of Board’s letter dt. 10-06-09 (RBE No.101/2009) stipulates that the MACP Scheme is not applicable in case of category of employees who are governed by any other kind of progression Scheme. Since, Teachers are governed by a separate scheme i.e Career Advancement Scheme (CAS). As such, MACP Scheme is therefore not applicable to the teaching Staff.

Moreover, the instructions on MACPS are based on the instructions issued by DoP&T, the nodal department of Govt. on MACPS. As such, this Ministry is not in a position to make any unilateral change in the matter.

Yours faithfully,


for Secretary / Railway Board

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