Action for Signal Passed at Danger (SPAD) in Railways – NFIR calls for review

NFIR requests Railway Board Review on Definition of Signal Passed at Danger (SPAD) to prevent harassment and victimization of Running Staff and Staff belonging to Safety categories.



National Federation of Indian Railwaymen


Affiliated to :

Indian National Trade Union Congress (INTUC)

International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF)

No. II/34/Part XIII

Dated: 10/02/2016

The Secretary (E),

Railway Board,

New Delhi

Dear Sir,

Sub: NFIR’s Charter of Demands–SPAD definition to be reviewed to prevent harassment and victimization of Running Staff and Staff belonging to Safety categories (Item No. 30 of demands )-reg.

Ref: (i) (ii) NFIR’s letter No. IV/NFIR/WC/209 dated 01/06/2013.
Railway Board’s letter No. 2013/E(LR)-II/1/15 dated 02/09/2013 addressed to the GS/NFIR.


Federation invites attention of the Railway Board to the minutes of the meeting held by Railway Board (CRB, MS & FC) with NFIR on 23/08/2013 wherein NFIR’s 34 Point Charter of Demands was discussed. The Railway Board while conveying comments on the 34 Point Charter of Demands vide letter cited under reference had advised following position in respect of demand No.30 on the subject:-

“Definition of SPAD is not laid down as such. Any passing of ‘stop’ signal (except permissible signals and those permitted under certain rules such as Automatic signals) at danger by a loco without authority is treated as SPAD irrespective of distance travelled by Loco after passing a signal at danger. Safety Directorate is of the view that the same should continue.

However, Railways were asked to give their suggestions with regard to review of punishment norms issue by Railway Board including those for SPAD.

Replies received from Railways are being compiled and changes proposed, if any, will be put up for- perusal and approval of Board”.

Thereafter, a period of more than two years has passed, the position relating to changes proposed and the decision of Railway Board thereon is yet to be communicated to the Federation.

NFIR, therefore, requests the Railway Board to apprise the Federation the proposed changes and the decision taken by the Board at an early date. The Federation also requests to make available the suggestions received from railway early.

Yours faithfully,

(Dr. M. Raghavaiah)

General Secretary

Download NFIR letter No. II/34/Part XIII dated 10/02/2016

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