Pay fixation during promotion for senior CSS officers

DOPT has ordered that the pay of CSS/CSSS officers at the time of their promotion from the grade of under secretary/Pr.Private secretary (CSSS) to the grade of deputy secretary/Sr Principal Secretary may be fixed as per the procedure laid down vide Rule 13 of CCS (RP) Rules 2008 by granting an amount equal to two increments, i.e granting two increments equal to 6% of their basic pay.  To the figure arrived at, a sum of Rs.1000 i.e the difference beteen the grade pay of Under Secretary (Rs.6600) and Deputy Secretary (Rs.7600) may be added.

This order is applicable for all cases of promotions from Under Secretary(CSS)/Pr.Private Secretary (CSSS) made on or after 1.1.2006.

Download Office Memorandum No: 18/3/2008-CS.I(P) dated 10.03.2010

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