Forwarding of details required for assessment and timely declaration of PLB for the year 2019-20

Grant of eligible Bonus to Central Autonomous body Employees - Confederation

Forwarding of details required for assessment and timely declaration of Productivity Linked Bonus (PLB) for the year 2019-20: EPFO

Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation
(Ministry of Labour & Employment, Govt. Of India)
Head Office
Bhavishya Nidhi Bhawan , 14- Bhikaiji Cama Place, New Delhi – 110066

No: WSU/25(1)/2018-19/ PLB/1035

Date: 07.10.2020



All Addi. Central P.F.Commissioners (Zone)
Zonal Offices.

Sub: Forwarding of details required for assessment and timely declaration of Productivity Linked Bonus for the year 2019-20.


Please refer to the above said subject.

The work relating to the assessment of Productivity Linked Bonus for the year 2019-20 has been taken up. The Productive Linked Bonus (PLB) for the employees of EPFO is assessed on the basis of the productivity achieved and manpower used in respect of field offices separately. For Head Office (including PDUNASS), it is worked out based on average of All India Productivity and Manpower. Information relating to parameters and performance as per the Scheme is to be furnished in the Annexure A to C (copies enclosed).


2. The time-limit of 20 days (calendar days) has been notified for settlement of PF, EPS & EDU claims, transfer including advances cases .In case, the job is not completed within 20 days, weightage would be reduced for the work done beyond 20 Date of receipt of claim form (complete in all respects) and the date of dispatch of cheque/transfer through NEFT would be taken into account for reckoning 20 calendar days.

3. As regards issue of “Annual Statement of Accounts “, it has been classified into two groups, Viz (1) current year’s Accounts slips issued and (2) Previous year’s Accounts slips issued during the current year. Accounts slips relating to the “current Year” and those pertaining to previous years but issued during the current year should be shown separately.


4. The activities of “Enforcement & Damages” include:

  • No of 7A notices issued.
  • No. of Speaking Orders of 7A passed and compliance effected.
  • No. of Speaking Orders passed for Levy of Damages.
  • No. of Recovery Certificates Executed:-
    • For default in all the five Accounts (A/c No. 1,2,10,21 & 22)
    • For default in 3 or 4 of the five Accounts.
    • For default in 1or 2 of the five Accounts.


5. Only one notice has to be taken into account for all the three Schemes. In case three separate notices are issued for the three Schemes, it has to be taken as one Further, only the initial notice issued has to be taken into account and not the notices issued every time after adjournment of proceedings due to any reason. With the amendment of Section 7A, the RPFCs are required to decide not only the quantum of dues but also to decide the Applicability .In such cases also if more than one notices are issued, it should be taken as one only for the purpose of PLB return.


6. Against this item all the speaking orders passed under Section 7A should not be Only those orders passed, which have been complied with, should be shown. However, instructions contained in the preceding para as “7A Notices” should also be kept in view.


7. All the speaking orders passed for levy of Damages may be shown against this However, if separate orders are passed for all the three schemes, only one order should be taken into account for the purpose of Bonus return.


8. Only those Recovery Certificates, which have been duly executed and not merely issued, should only be shown against this i This item has been classified into three categories namely: –

  • For default in all the five Accounts (Bank A/c 1, 2, 10, 21 & 22)
  • For default in 3 or 4 of the five Accounts.
  • For default in 1or 2 of the five Accounts.

Hence, information may be furnished separately against the three categories.


9. The number of Prosecutions launched against the defaulting establishments/ employers under Section 14 of the Act and Section 406/409 !PC has to be indicated against the relevant item under this head.


10. Manpower in position as on 31st August 2019 all over the region has to be The manpower reckoned for the purpose of assessment of PLB shall be as follows: –

(1) Accounts & Cash LDCs, DPAs/DEOs, SSAs & Sr. SSAs posted in different Sections/Groups connected with the work of Accounts and Cash.
(2) Enforcement & Damages – LDCs, SSAs & Sr. SSAs deployed in any of the Sections/Group connected with the work of Enforcement and Damages.
(3) Inspection All Enforcement Officers in position in whole of the Region.
(4) Administration LDCs, SSAs & Sr. SSAs in position in all Sections other than those mentioned in (1), (2) and (3) above.


Detailed information of various sections/staff coming under all the above four heads is given in Annexure-C . All the Regional offices may forward the consolidated information in respect of the Region.

11. The information relating to Staff in position in respect of the Zone as on 31.08.2019 has to be furnished in Annexure-B.

12. It is requested that the aforesaid information in Annexure-A to C may be furnished In any case the information should reach the Head Office on or before 12th October, 2020 at [email protected]

13. All the ROs may furnish their data to their respective Zonal Offices and subsequently ACC (Zones) after compilation of the same, may forward the same to Head Office.

14. This has approval of ACC (HQ)-Finance.

Encl: – As above.

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