Admittance Foreign Language Allowance – PCDA(O) Pune Advisory

Admittance Foreign Language Allowance - PCDA(O) Pune Advisory

Admittance Foreign Language Allowance – PCDA(O) Pune Advisory No. 47 dated 18.07.2022


Dated:- 18.07.2022

O/o PCDA(O) Pune, Public Relation office (PRO)

Sub.: Admittance Foreign Language Allowance

Ref.: Gol, MoD OM No. 1(16)/2017/1D (Pay/Services) dated 18th Sept 2017

Your kind attention is invited to IHQ of MoD (Army), OM Number under reference which stipulates the admissibility of Foreign Language Allowance in respect of Army Officers.

2. Foreign Language Allowance is admissible to Qualified Army Officers provided he/she is actually performing the duties involving the use of Foreign Language as Translator/Instructor/Interpreter.

3. Army Officers have to publish Part II Order for claiming Foreign Language Allowance admissible from 01/07/2017. Requisite Occurrence Codes have already been provided at Serial No. 3.86 to 3.89 at page No. 74 of Documentation Procedure for Publication of Part TH Orders (Officers)-2014. Necessary certificates as per Sr. No. 16 of Documentation Procedure for Publication of Part I] Orders (Officers)-2014 are required to be incorporated in the Part II Order.

4. Occurrence Codes, Category and Rates of Allowances arc as below;

Sr. No. Occurrence Codes Category Rate as per Appndx B to MoD letter No. 1/(16)/ 2017 /D (Pay/Services) dated 18th Sept 2017
01 GTDLNGL1 Cat III Rs.1,350/- p.m.
02 GTDELNGL2 Cat II Rs.1,689/- p.m.
03 GTDENGL3 Cat I Rs. 2,025/- p.m.
04 STPENGLI For Stoppage of Allowance


5. Terms and Conditions for grant of Foreign Language Allowance are applicable as stipulated in Gol, MoD letter No. 22(1)/83/D(GS-H) dated 03rd Feb 1984.

6. Categorization of Allowances

a. Category III: French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Serbo-Croatian and Czech

b. Category II: Arabic, Malay/Bhasha, Indonasia, Thai, Turkish, Persian, Pushto, Sinhalese, Bhutanese.

c. Category I: Chinese (mandarin), Japanese, Russian, Tibetian, Swahili, Burmese and Uighur.

7. Foreign Language Allowance will be ceased on 01st July every year, irrespective of the date of grant, pending receipt of the fresh Part IIT Order duly enclosing the certificate for passing the yearly proficiency test conducted by School of Foreign Language, New Delhi. / AEC Training Collage & Centre, Pachmari

This is for your kind information please.

This is issued with kind approval of PCDA (OQ), Pune.

Jai Hind

Shri Lehana Singh IDAS
(Dy. CDA)[at]
Tel No.-02026401105

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