Option for fixation of Pay of Vigilance functionaries on deputation to Public Sector Enterprises

As per Department of Personnel and Training's OM No. 372/8/99-AVD-III dated 18.01.2001  on appointment of  Vigilance functioneries  in Central Public Sector Enterprises, the Vigilance functineries  are allowed to exercise their options to draw the pay of the post in the said Enterprise  or their grade pay. This provision was based on the policy that the CVOs are to be posted on deputation from outside the organisation and they are not allowed to be permanently absorbed in that Public Sector Enterprise.

Now the Department of Personnel and Training as re-examined the above position, and it has been decided that the officers on deputation to the Vigilance Departments of Public Sector Enterprises  may be allowed the option of electing to draw either the pay of the post in the scale of pay of the Public Sector Enterprise concerned or pay in the parent cadre plus deputation (duty) allowance thereon plus personal pay, if any.

It has been further decided that  such officers on deputation to the Vigilance Departments in Public Sector Enterprises  may also be allowed all the perks, benefits & perquisites applicable to equivalent level of officers in concerned public Sector Enterprises.

For further details download the OM No:No. 372/21/2009-AVD.III dated 12.10.2010

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