Modified Flexible Complementing Scheme for Scientists

A Flexible Complementing Scheme (FCS) for scientists is in position in some of the scientific Ministries /  Departments of the Government of lndia and the same is presently governed by the guidelines issued by this Department under O.M. No.2141197-PIC dated the 9th November, 1998.

There is also in position a separate, merit based promotion scheme in the DRDO and the Departments of Atomic Energy and Space. The Sixth Central Pay Commission (6th CPC) has examined these schemes in detail and observed that various time-bound promotion schemes may be necessary for scientific organizations as the morale of the scientists has to be kept high in order to keep them motivated and to stop the flight of talent from Government organizations involved in research and scientific activities.

In this context, the 6th CPC has recommended that the existing scheme of FCS with necessary modifications has to be continued for RBD professionals in all SBT organizations, and the merit based promotion scheme in the Departments of Atomic Energy, Space and DRDO would also need to be persisted with.

The Commission has, however, recommended certain features to be incorporated in the existing schemes of FCS and merit based promotion scheme so as to make them more relevant to the context.

The recommendations of the Commission have been examined in detail by Government in the context of FCS and a revised comprehensive scheme is announced by Government for immediate necessary action by all concerned Ministries and Departments.   Assessment of Scientists from 01 .01.2011 is to be carried out as per new scheme.

For more details on Modified Flexible Complementing Scheme for Scientists download No. AB-1401713712008-Estt (RR) dated 10-09-2010

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