MACP for CSS Officers in the grade pay of Rs.5400

In supersession of DOPT’s earlier Office Memorandum No. 22/22/2009-CS.I(CR) dated 12.01.2010, DOPT has now issued an Office memorandum for clarifying on the financial upgradation under MACPS (Modified Assured Career Progression Scheme) in respect of DR Assistants/DR grade “C” Stenographers who have got non-functional grade (NFG) in the grade pay of Rs.5400.

It is clarified by DOPT that in those cases 3rd financial upgradation in the immediate grade pay of Rs.6600 has to be given on completion of 30 years of continuous service or on completion of 10 years of stagnation in the single grade pay whichever is earlier.  It was also clarified that no further financial upgradation would be admissible to such officials.

In the earlier order dated 12.01.10 referred above, DOPT did not take into account the situation in which continuous service of 10 years put in by the employee in the same grade pay.  Now, in line with the original order for MACPS, this aspect has been corrected.

Download Office memorandum No. 22/22/2009-CS.I(CR) dated 12.01.2010

Download Office memorandum No. 22/22/2009-CS.I(CR) dated 12.04.2010

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