Instructions to PAOs for regularising additional pension

Department of pension and pensioner’s welfare has issued OM for on 21.5.2009 and 28.9.2009 for acceptance of certain  additional documents as proof of birth for pre-2006 pensioners attaining 80 years of age in case valid proof of birth was not available in PPO/Office records.

In the meantime the P & PW Deptt. also allowed drawal of pension for 3 months, during which the Bank/Pension Drawal authority shall send the document submitted by pensioner/family pensioner for formal authorization.

It has been brought to the notice of the Ministry by some banks that the PAOs concerned were not authorising the documents submitted by pensioners/family pensioners and forwarded by the bank to the PAOs. in view of this, it was difficult for banks to pay the pension beyond the stipulated 3 months.

It is now clarified by government that the PAOs shall invariably obtain the approval of HOO/HOD and communciate the same to the bank. in case no document is submitted by pensioner, the same shall be brought to notice of concerned ministry who may authorize drawal of additional  pension/family pension.

For further details download the OM No: 38/37/08-P&PW(A) dated 25.06.2010

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