Compilation of various instructions on Seniority

The Department of Personnel and Training has issued time to time various instructions on the principles for determining seniority of persons appointed to services and posts under the Central Government.  For easy reference the contents of the import orders on this subject have been consolidated now.

This compilation contains revised instructions on the following areas apart from the earlier orders in this subject.

  • Seniority of persons appointed on direct recruitment fiom the reserved panel at a later date, specifically when the officers from the subsequent selection panel have already joined.
  • Inter-se seniority of two panels of direct recruits, where more than one selection panel are received from UPSC and SSC through letter of same date.
  • Fixation of seniority of a person who has been transferred to a lower post under FR 15-A.
  • Seniority in case of appointment on compassionate grounds.

Also, certain areas within the existing instructions, which require frequent clarifications, as is evident from the references received from various Ministries and Departments, have also been incorporated under the head "clarification"for reference.

Click here to Download the compilation of various instructions on Seniority issued by DOPT

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