Commonwealth games in Delhi in October, 2010-Participation by central government employees/PSUs

As the various Ministries/Departments are aware, India is hosting the commonwealth games in Delhi in October, 2010.  As the host country of the 2010 commonwealth games, it will be our endeavor to improve all the previous medal tallies.  The Indian Olympic Association has already started the process of training the Indian Sportsman for the games and the concerned sports Federations have been asked by the Indian Olympic Association to identify the athletes/players/coaches who are capable of winning medals during the games.

2.      The President, Indian Olympic Association has brought to the notice of this Department that a few organizations are not granting permission to the sportsperson/coaches beyond 30 days in a calendar year to attend to the sports related matters for sporting events of National/International importance.  Most of the good coaches are employed in Government/public sector. In order to achieve good results during the commonwealths’ games by India on its own land, it is essential that the identified sportsperson/teams are trained round the year.

3.      Central Government employees, who are selected to participate in sporting events of national or international importance, as per instructions issued by this Department are entitled to get the period of actual days ron which they participate in the event as also the time spent in traveling to and from such tournaments/meets  treated as duty. Further, if any pre-participating Coaching Camp is held in connection with the above mentioned events and the Government servant is required to attend the same, this period may also be treated as on duty.  Further this facility has also been extended to Managers/coaches/masseurs/doctors as may be approved or required by the federation under rules to Administer/Coach/Manage the teams participating in sports events of national/international importance.

4.      It is, therefore, requested that, subject to exigencies of work, the various Ministries/Departments may issue necessary instructions to all their formations including PSUs to permit the employees who are selected for coaching camps/training in India or abroad as athlets, coaches or other attached officials like Doctors, Masseurs, Managers etc. in connection with the 2010 commonwealth games and treat their absence as duty for the entire period of stay in the coaching camps and for participating in competitions till 2010 commonwealth games.

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