Clarifications on grant of MACP in some special situtations

Department of Personnel and Training (DOP&T), has referred the discussions in the Joint Committee Meeting for anomalies in MACP Scheme wherein the following points were raised :

Regarding counting of service rendered in the previous organisation prior to transfer, including transfer on request, for the purpose of MACP, it has been decided that such regular service rendered in previous organisation/office shall be counted along with the regular service in the new organisation/ Office for the purpose of getting financial upgradation under MACP Scheme.

Where the promotion is made based on "fitness" since the prescribed method of promotion is 'non selection', it was raised by the staff side that in such cases the bench mark shall not be insisted for grant of MACP.  For this Point, the DOPT has decided that, in such cases where  the benchmark for promotion is lower than the benchmark for granting benefits under MACP, the benchmark for promotion shall apply to MACP also.

For further details, download OM No. 5034/3/2008 (D) Vol. III dated 11.11.2010

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