Clarifications on Children Education Allowance Scheme

Children Education Allowance Scheme was first introduced after implementation of sixth pay commission in OM.No: 12011/3/2008-Estt (Allowance) dated 02.09.2008 and Clarifications were issued  under following Office Memorandums

Now DOPT has again clarified certain points on  Children Education Allowance Scheme.  Those points are

  • Whether CEA is admissible to Government Servant who ceases to be in Service due to retirement, discharge, dismissal or removal from service in the course of academic year?
  • Whether Children of a Government Servant who dies while in service are still eligible for reimbursement under new CEA Scheme?
  • Whether upper age limit of children has been prescribed for claiming CEA?
  • Whether CEA can be allowed in case of Children studying through Correspondence or distance learning?
  • What is definition of the terms "two sets of uniform"?
  • What is definition of "One set of Shoes"?
  • what is definition of station for the purpose of hostel subsidy?
  • Whether fee paid to organisations/Institutions other than the school or fees paid to private tutors  is reimbursable?

The above queries have been clarified by the New Clarification dated 30.12.2010.

For more details read this Office Memorandum No. 12011/08/2010-Estt. (AL) dated 30.12.2010

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