Central Government Health Scheme – CGHS Frequently asked questions

Indian Postal Order payable to “ P.A.O. CGHS”.

11. What  should  I  do  if  the  details  on  the  Card  viz.  name,  date  of  birth, entitlement, etc. are wrong?

Kindly bring the anomalies to the notice of Joint Director, CGHS (HQ), and CGHS building, RK Puram Sector-12, New Delhi   in Delhi and to the Addl. Director, Joint Director of concerned CGHS City in other cities.

12. Is there a colour scheme for plastic cards?   What are the details?

CGHS Plastic cards have the following colour at the top:

i.   Serving Government employees –  Blue

ii.    Pensioners, ex-MPs , Freedom Fighters, etc., – Green

iii.  Member of Parliament – Red

iv.   Beneficiaries of Autonomous Bodies / Journalist -Yellow

13. I retired in 1998 from Central Govt. but, I never made a CGHS card. Can I
get a card now?

Pensioners can apply for CGHS card with relevant documents. However, the subscriptions as applicable at current rates shall have to be paid.

14. My  husband/wife  is  also  employed  under  Central  Government  and  is eligible for a separate CGHS Card. Is it necessary that separate cards are to be obtained?

No. Spouse drawing higher pay shall make the card and other spouse is eligible to avail CGHS benefits as member.

15. My husband / wife retired in 2002. He /she was paying CGHS subscription every year. After his death can I get Card on my name. Do have I to pay extra. Shall I get Life Time Valid card

Yes, the ownership of card can be transferred in the name of spouse on submission  of  required  documents.  Addl.  Director  of  concerned  city  shall transfer the ownership of Card in the computer Data base and same CGHS plastic cards with same Beneficiary ID can be used

1.   No extra payment to be made, in case of life time cards.

2.   However in other cases one has to pay 10 years subscription for life time card

For example, if the spouse had contributed for seven years before he expired , balance payment for the remaining three years is to be paid for a life time card.

3. Documents  required  : Application in prescribed format Proof of Family Pension with its break up from Bank

4.   Prescribed  contribution  if,  card is  not  for life time

16. How   to transfer CGHS card from one WC to other in the same city?

If there is any change in residential address , CMO i/c may be approached with proof of residence for transferring the data from one Wellness Centre to another in the same city.

CMO i/c of the new Wellness Centre will accept the data of transferred card.

In respect of serving employees the request is to be forwarded by his/her office / department.

17. I am CGHS beneficiary at Kanpur. Visiting Mumbai for 6 months. Can I get CGHS facilities at Mumbai .Can same card of Kanpur continue or a separate card to be made. From where to get permission for the same?

Subsequent to computerization no separate permission is required and CGHS card is valid for availing facilities from any CGHS Wellness Centre in India. For any assistance , Addl. Director of the city may be contacted.

18. I have been advised some investigations by Specialist of Govt. Hospital.
What is the procedure to obtain the permission?

No  separate  permission  letter    is  required.  Once  a  Government  specialist  / medical officer of a CGHS Wellness Centre advises a test listed investigations can be undertaken from any of the CGHS empanelled laboratories on the basis of the  advice  given  by  Govt.  Specialist  /  Medical  Officer  of  CGHS  Wellness Centre. Original or self attested photo copy of prescription is to be submitted along with a copy of CGHS card.

19. Who is competent to delete name of sons who have crossed age of 25 years?

CMO i/c of Wellness Centre is competent to delete the name of son aged 25 yrs and above. Computer system does not allow sons aged 25 and above to avail medical facilities.

20. After retirement in 2007. I got a Life time Pensioner CGHS card made in Delhi. Now I am shifting to Dehradoon. Can I use the same card. Do I pay again?

Pensioners shifting from one CGHS covered city to another, will have to apply to the Addl. Director of concerned city for transfer of card. The card shall be transferred online and a receipt will be issued to the beneficiary , on the basis of which , Addl. Director of new city ( say Dehradun) shall receive the data. Same Plastic cards and same Ben ID will be valid. No contribution is required to be paid in respect of pensioner beneficiaries holding life time cards.

21. I live in Gurgaon but my office is in Saket. Can I avail facilities from both the places because it is convenient for me.

Yes. Subsequent to computerization CGHS facilities can be availed from any Wellness Centre in India.

22. Is there any age limit for sons / daughters as dependant in CGHS Card ?

1.   Son is eligible till he starts earning or attains the age of 25 years or gets married whichever is earlier.

2.   However, in case the son is suffering from any permanent disability of any kind (physical or mental) he is eligible for CGHS benefits even after 25yrs .

3.   Disability means blindness, low vision, leprosy-cured, hearing impairment, locomotor disability, mental retardation, mental illness. A disability certificate from Medical Board is required.

4.   Daughter is eligible till she starts earning, or gets married, whichever is earlier (irrespective of age)

23. Are step-children allowed CGHS facilities?

Yes.  If  they  are  dependent  on  card  holder:  other  conditions  as  in  case  of dependant sons and daughters.

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