Central Government Health Scheme – CGHS Frequently asked questions

CGHS Frequently asked questions – Central Government Health Scheme for Central Government Employees and Pensioners – Compilation of FAQ

1. Who are entitled for CGHS facilities

1. All Central Govt. employees and their dependent family members residing in CGHS covered areas.

2. Central Govt Pensioners and their eligible family members getting pension from Central Civil Estimates

3. Sitting and Ex-Members of Parliament

4. Ex-Governors & Lt. Governors

5. Freedom Fighters

6. Ex-Vice Presidents

7. Sitting and Ex-Judges of Supreme Court & High Courts

8. Employees and pensioners of certain autonomous organizations in Delhi

9. Journalists (in Delhi )Accredited with PIB ( for OPD   & at RML Hospital)

10. Delhi Police Personnel in Delhi only

11. Railway Board employees

2. In how many cities CGHS is presently operative?

CGHS facilities are available in 25 cities   in India

1. Ahmedabad 2 Allahabad 3 Bengaluru 4 Bhopal 5 Bhubaneswar 6. Kolkata 7. Chandigarh   8   Chennai   9.Dehradun   10.Delhi   &   NCR   11.Guwahati   12. Hyderabad 13. Jabalpur, 14. Jaipur 15 Jammu 16. Kanpur 17. Lucknow 18. Meerut 19. Mumbai 20. Nagpur 21 Patna 22.Pune 23. Ranchi 24. Shillong   25. Thiruvananthapuram

3. For CGHS cards , as dependant , what is the meaning of the word “ family”

The term ‘family’ means and includes:-

1.   Husband  or  wife  as  the  case  may  be  and  other  dependant  family members.

2.   Dependant Family Members:

parents, sisters, widowed sisters, widowed daughters, minor brothers and minor sister, children and step-children wholly dependent upon the Government  Servant  and  are  normally residing  with  the  Government Servant.

Also now included , dependent divorced / separated daughters ( including their dependant minor children) and step-mother.

3. The term dependency means that income from all sources including pensions and pension equivalent of DCRG benefit is less than Rs.3500/- plus amount of DA on Basic pension of Rs3500/-per month.

However, there is no such clause as dependency in respect of spouse.

4.   What is the procedure to register with the CGHS?


1.         One can get a CGHS card made from the office of AD / JD of the


2.         Forms can be downloaded from CGHS Website or can be taken from office of AD / JD of city.

3.         Documents required

i.      Application in prescribed format

ii.      Proof of Residenceroof of Stay of dependents iii.      Proof of age of son

iv.       Disability certificate, if any in case of sons aged 25 & above, who would otherwise cease to be a beneficiary.

v.      Photos of eligible family members

vi.       Surrender Certificate of CGHS Card while in service ( only in  those  cases  where  CGHS  Card  was  issued  while  in service)

vii.     Attested copies of PPO & Last Pay Certificate

viii.      Draft for required amount towards CGHS contribution – in the name of ‘P.A.O., CGHS New Delhi’ in Delhi-and in the name of ‘AD, CGHS of the city’.

ix.     In case PPO is not ready for any reason there is option to get a provisional card on the basis of Last Pay Certificate.

x.      The data is entered through computers and entered in data base and a print out is issued same day for immediate use. Plastic cards are subsequently sent to the residence of the card holder by post.

Serving employees:

Serving  employees  submit  the  forms  in  prescribed  format  enclosing photos of eligible family members and submit to the Ministry / Department/Office , where he / she is employed. The application form shall be forwarded by the Ministry / Office /Department to the office of Addl. Director CGHS of city for preparation of card.

Print out is issued for immediate use.

5.   Are CGHS facilities free   of cost?

For serving employees residing in CGHS covered area obtaining CGHS card is compulsory Deduction  from  salary  is  made  by  the  department,  every  month, depending upon their pay

Grade pay Drawn  per month (from 1.6.2009) Contribution
Upto Rs.1650  Rs.50
Rs.1800, Rs.1900, Rs.2000Rs.2400 and Rs.2800  Rs.125
Rs.4200  Rs.225
Rs.4600, Rs.4800, Rs.5400and Rs.6600  Rs.325
Rs.7600 and above  Rs.500

Pensioners who want to avail CGHS facilities can make contribution either on yearly basis or one time ( ten yrs ) contribution for whole life validity.

Payment can be made by Demand Draft in favour of “ P.A.O. CGHS ”.

Contribution in respect of Pensioners are calculated on the basis of grade pay they are entitled had they been in service , but for superannuation.

6.   What is the system for the services of specialists in Dispensaries?

Prior  registration  is  required  appointment  with  the  CGHS  Wellness  Centre, where specialist services are available. However, In case of emergency contact CMO i/c of dispensary of Wellness Centre for consulting specialist without prior appointment.

7.   Is there any interactive mechanism at dispensary level?

At the Wellness Centre ‘Local Advisory Committees’ are formed. CMO i/c holds a meeting with Local Advisory Committee members to discuss local dispensary related issues.

8.   How long does it take to get the CGHS Cards?

Normally computerized printout of index card is issued on the same day. Plastic

cards are sent to the residence in ‘3’ weeks time.

9.   Whom Should I approach in case the CGHS Card is not issued to me in the prescribed time?

Contact Joint Director (HQ), CGHS, CGHS building ,RK Puram Sector-12, New Delhi in case of Delhi and Addl. Director of City in case of other cities.

10. What should I do if I lose my CGHS Cards ?

Application is to be submitted to AD/JD along with two photographs and a IPO for Rs. 50/- for issue of duplicate card.

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