Cadre Restructuring of Central Secretariat Services (CSS)

The Government had set up a Committee on Cadre Restructuring of Central Secretariat Service (CSS) in June, 2008. The Committee submitted its report in November, 2008.

The Report of the Committee has been considered by the Government and, inter-alia,following decisions have been taken:

  • CSS officers who are empanelled as Joint Secretaries, will be given in-situ promotion as Joint Secretaries in SAG grade at their current place of posting, till they are placed under Central Staffing Scheme, with such in-situ promotions restricted to 40 in number.
  • Fixing the combined strength of Joint Secretary (in-situ), Directors and Deputy Secretary of CSS at 600, with inter se flexibility subject to a ceiling of 40 posts for Joint Secretary (in-situ) and 220 posts at the Director level.
  • Net increase of 160 posts at DS/Director level in CSS will come from diversion of posts from the Central Staffing Scheme. Identification of posts so diverted to be done in such a manner that there is no concentration of posts in any Ministry;
  • Reduction of non-CSS posts by 160 at the DS/Director levels under the Central Staffing Scheme in various Ministries.
  • Upgradation of 1467 posts of  UDCs to Assistant’s Grade of  CSS.
  • The next Cadre restructuring may be undertaken after 3 years from date of implementation of the above recommendations.

Download Office Memorandum No. 19/1/2008-CS.I(P) dated 20.07.2010

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