7th Pay Commission Latest News – Brief of meeting of implementation cell on 19th Feb

7th Pay Commission Latest News – NJCA met Convener, 7th CPC Implementation Cell and impressed upon the need for favourably considering 26 Points charter of demands

7th pay commission latest news - certain common issues to be addressed

7th Pay Commission Latest News – Shri. Shiva Gopal Shrma, Secretary, National Council, Staff Side JCM and Convener of NJCA, the joint action committee represented by all leading associations of Central Government Employees including Railway Employees, Defence Civilian Employees and Pensioners has reported in the official blog of NC, Staff Side JCM that meeting of NJCA and Convener, 7th Pay Commission Implementation Cell was held on 19th February 2016.

It was promised by Convener of 7th CPC implementation cell that the points putforth by NJCA for rectifying anti-employee recommendations of 7th Pay Commission would be forwarded to 7th Pay Commission Empowered Committee. It is expected that Empowered Committee would soon call NJCA for a discussion on the demands and suggestions of NJCA on the implementation of 7th Pay Commission recommendations.

The brief of meeting reported by NJCA is as follows





Dated: 19.02.2016

Dear Comrades,

Sub: Brief of the NJCA meeting held on 19.02.2016 with the Convener, Implementation Cell, Ministry of Finance (Government of India), reg. 7th CPC recommendations and Charter of Demands of the NJCA

A meeting of the NJCA held today with the Convener, Implementation Cell, Ministry of Finance, Shri R.K. Chaturvedi, wherein we discussed and emphasized on all the 26-point Charter of Demands of the NJCA send to the Cabinet Secretary on 10.12.2015.

We agitated the issues of NPS, Minimum Wage, Multiplying Factor, deduction of HRA and all other important issues.

The Convener, Implementation Cell, Shri Chaturvedi, after hearing everybody, said that, he would put-up the issues to the Cabinet Secretary, and hopefully a meeting of the JCA would be held with the Cabinet Secretary and the Empowered Committee shortly within 15 days.

Let us not leave any stone unturned for preparations of the strike.

With Best Wishes!

Comradely yours,
(Shiva Gopal Shrma)
Secretary (Staff Side) NC/JCM

Source: NC, Staff Side JCM

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