2nd Meeting of Joint Committee on MACP Scheme held on 15.09.2010

Department of Personnel and Training (DOP&T) has circulated the record notes of the 2nd Meeting of Joint Committee on MACP Scheme held at Delhi on 15-9-2010.

The main highlights are as follows :

  • On the question of opting either old ACP Scheme or the new MACP Scheme, it is decided to allow cadres/organisations to opt for either ACP Scheme or MACP Scheme. Individual options are not allowed.
  • Regarding the demand of  implementation of MACP Scheme w.e.f 1.1.2006 (date on which 6 CPC recommendations came into effect) instead of 1.9.2008, the same was not accepted by the Official side.
  • Regarding grant of MACP to Group D employees who were placed in PB 1 with grade pay of Rs. 1800, the same has already been accepted and order No.35034/03/2010 dated 09.09.2010 has been issued. 
  • Regarding counting of 50 % of service rendered by temporary status Casual Labours (TCL) for reckoning 10, 20 or 30 years of service, it was decided to  examine the same at Ministry separately.
  • On a question of supervised staff getting more pay than the supervisory staff, because of MACP, it has been decided to refer the matter to National anomaly committee.
  • In Railways, when  promotions are given in identical scales (now Grade Pay), but  no  benefit of one increment at the time of promotion or FR-22 fixation. The staff side requested in such cases, it should not be treated as promotion for the purpose of MACP.  for this, the Railway Ministry is instructed to refer the matter to the Department of Expenditure for examination.
  • On question of MACP to Officers who went on unilateral transfer, transfer to a lower grade/post on own request, joining in another unit/organisation by counting such past service, it was decided that matter will be further examined and DOPT will issue further clarifications.
  • On question of employees removed/dismissed and subsequently reinstated and counting  services rendered prior to reinstatement for the purpose of MACP, it was decided that the same shall be examined case to case basis. 
  • On a demand for counting of service rendered in State Govt./PSU etc. for MACP, same was not acceded to. 
  • It was decided  that wherever probation/training  periods were counted for the purpose of normal promotion, the same will be  counted for  MACPS also. However, in case of probation/training which is  pre-appointment,the same is cannot be counted for MACPS.
  • It was decided that for surplus staff redeployed in lower post in other cadres/organisations,service rendered in the previous organisation shall be counted towards the regular service in his/her new organization for the purpose of MACPS.
  • On a question of stepping up of pay of Senior on par with junior who gets more on account of MACP, it was noted that  the differences in pay scales on account of old ACP Scheme or new MACP Scheme within the same cadre shall not be construed as an anomaly. Therefore, it was decided that these items may be de-linked from the agenda of the Joint Committee.
  • Regarding grant of pay fixation benefits on  promotion subsequent to MACP, it was decided that there is no anomaly  since  benefits of Pay fixation can be allowed only once either at MACP stage or on promotion. 
  • The DOPT has also stressed the need for taking immediate action  to regularise the absence in such cases, as it is necessary for other service matters, including promotions. 

For further details download the OM No: 11/1/2010-JCA dated 06.10.2010

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