NPS yearly statement of transaction- Frequently Asked Questions

We know that all New Pension Scheme accounts of Central Government Employees are maintained by NSDL which has been appointed by PFRDA (Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority).  The following are frequently asked questions relating to Yearly Statement of Transaction for the New Pension Scheme Contribution by the Central Government employees.  This statement is sent by NSDL to all subscribers of NPS mentioning the contribution by the employee during the year and current value of the total contribution made so far by the employee in the New Pension Scheme.

Transaction Statement (TS) was dispatched between last week of August and first week of September .  In case of IRA (Individual Retirement Account) compliant subscribers, Transaction Statement was dispatched to the subscriber's communication address directly. In case of Non IRA subscribers, Transaction Statement was dispatched to the respective PAO in DDO-wise packets for onward distribution.

A Subscriber might not have received the Transaction Statement because of the following reasons:

  • Subscriber's Account was not having any balances as on July 31, 2010.
  • If the subscriber is a non-IRA compliant subscriber (S1 form not submitted to CRA), the Transaction Statement has been dispatched to the respective Nodal Office (PAO/CDDO). The TS may be in transit. The subscriber may contact the Nodal Office for the same.

For certain identified cases of duplicate/multiple PPANs which are yet to be resolved, Transaction Statement has not been despatched to the subscriber/Nodal Office.

CRA is dispatching the undelivered TS (which were sent to the subscribers directly) to the concerned Nodal Offices/ PrAOs. Further, the Subscriber can contact his Nodal Office for obtaining the copy of Transaction statement.

The Transaction Statement despatched is for the period 01.04.2008 to 31.07.2010. The contribution credit date upto August 12, 2010 has been considered for the contributions pertaining to the month of July 2010. That is, the contributions pertaining to July 2010 and credited in subscriber's account till August 12, 2010 have been considered.

The contribution details prior to 01.04.2008 (i.e. from 01.01.2004 to 31.03.2008) was provided to NSDL in a consolidated manner, i.e. no separate entries for each month were provided and hence that balance has been shown as opening balance in the transaction statement. For detailed break-up of contributions for the opening balance i.e., from 2004 to 2008, subscriber may contact his respective PAO/CDDO.


Initially, to facilitate faster credit of accumulated balance and monthly contribution, CRA generated the PRANs based on the minimum electronic data i.e., PPAN, Name & Date of Birth. The remaining details were updated based on the Form S1 submitted by the Subscriber. All such subscribers who are yet to fill the Form S1 should fill the same immediately and submit the same to the office concerned.

The subscriber for whom all the details are updated are termed as Individual Retirement Account (IRA) compliant subscribers and his Transaction Statement contains his address details in which the statement was dispatched.

The subscribers whose details are yet to be updated are termed as non-IRA compliant subscribers and their Transaction Statement was despatched to the concerned PAO for onward distribution to the subscribers. These statements contain the address details of the concerned DDO and PAO.

The Transaction Statement has separate blocks for Pre-Unitisation and Post-Unitisation investments. Each block has two sections – 'Regular' and 'Arrear'.

Section A : Pre-Unitisation – Regular Contribution

Section B : Pre-Unitisation – Arrear Contribution

Section C : Post-Unitisation – Regular Contribution

Section D : Post-Unitisation – Arrear Contribution

Unitisation refers to crediting of units as per the actual Net Asset Value (NAV) of the pension fund schemes. Section A & Section B is for Pre-Unitisation blocks.

Upto March 31, 2010, the credits appearing (i.e., Section A and B in the Transaction Statement) are actual contribution amounts and not units i.e., actual NAV and corresponding units are not being displayed. Once the decision of unitisation is received from Ministry of Finance/PFRDA, the same will be shown at the actual NAV.

Units mentioned in Section A & B are not the actual units as the decision for unitisation is pending for contribution received during that period. Units in Section C & D are actual units credited in the Subscriber account.

The daily NAV for each scheme of each PFM is published at the CRA website ( Subscriber can calculate Present Value of Units mentioned in Section C & D with the help of the NAVs published at the CRA site.

The amount shown as contribution has been uploaded by the concerned PAO/CDDO. Some of the possibilities for non reflection of the amount are as follows

PAO/CDDO has not yet uploaded the record

PAO/CDDO has not transferred funds to Trustee Bank

The SCF for the record is still in uploaded status

Please contact the concerned office for discrepancies related to missing/short/excess contributions.

In CRA terms, date of 'matching & booking' refers to the date on which the contribution details submitted by the PAO to CRA has been matched against the Funds remitted by the PAO to the Trustee Bank and the subscribers' account got credited with the contribution amount (units).

For Section A & B of Transaction Statement, matching and booking date is the date on which the subscriber account got credited.

However, for Section C & D, matching & booking date is the date of actual investment.

In case the PAO has uploaded the contribution amount more than once (may be served under two different DDO), same will be appearing more than once.

Further, in case of multiple fund remittances by the PAO to the Trustee Bank for a single transaction id (where the PAO has transferred funds more than once for one month), the contribution amount will be splitted and shown as multiple credits.

The contribution amount has been allocated among the three pension fund managers as per the stipulated allocation ratio. The allocation is done upto 2 decimals. The allocation ratio between three PFMs is different across different periods. In cases of multiple fund remittance (refer Question No. 12), the subscriber contribution may have undergone splitting. Hence, the contribution is appearing in decimal.

The investment value will be available only for contributions made after 31.03.2010 (i.e., investments appearing in section C and D). Present value (i.e. including the Return on Investment) cannot be calculated for investments made upto March 31, 2010 (appearing in section A & B) till unitisation is carried out. The NAV for all the pension fund schemes is available on the CRA website Subscribers can calculate the present value of investments for the Units available in Section C & D based on the NAV of that day.

The IRA compliant subscribers (subscribers having IPIN to access CRA system) can check the value of investment from CRA website on a ongoing basis. Non IRA compliant subscribers can contact the PAO for the value details.

At present, the contribution amount is invested in the proportion of 33%, 32% and 35% amongst SBI, UTI and LIC respectively.

Upto May 2009 the allocation was 55%, 40% and 5% for SBI, UTI and LIC respectively. Then, it has been changed to 40%, 31% and 29% on May 2009. In June 2010 it has changed to the present allocation ratio of 33%, 32% and 35%.

The contribution amount is allocated as per the Government guidelines. According to the Fund Manager performance (reviewed by MOF), the allocation ratio may change. These details are also mentioned at the bottom of the Transaction Statement.

Section C & D are for the contributions after March 31, 2010. Details are not appearing because there is no credit in your account for that particular period. The possible reasons can be – a) PAO has not uploaded the details or b) the SCF is not yet matched even though the PAO has uploaded the details. For more details, the subscriber may contact the concerned PAO for the same.

Please check section B as it might be possible that PAO has provided the consolidated details or the contribution for this period is either not uploaded by the PAO/CDDO. Alternatively, the details are sent to CRA and the credit in Subscribers' account is pending as either the same is under process or the details provided are not adequate enough for crediting subscribers' account. For more details, the subscriber may contact the concerned PAO for the same.

PRAN application form (referred as Form S1) has to be filled by all Government Employees covered under NPS and get their details registered in CRA system.

Initially, CRA generated the PRANs based on the minimum electronic data i.e., PPAN, Name & Date of Birth. The remaining details were updated based on the Form S1 submitted by the Subscriber. For new subscribers, PRAN is generated on the basis of Form S1. The PRANs for which all the details are not updated in the CRA system, should fill and submit the Form S1 to become IRA compliant, as CRA is providing certain Value Added Services like online email alerts, SMS alerts, internet access, Telephonic access etc. only to the IRA compliant subscribers.

Form S1 is available in CRA website ''. Subscriber can request the PAO/CDOO/DDO to download the form from CRA web site. For more details on PRAN allotment, refer FAQ section of this website.

The form G1 is for logging grievance about NPS. The grievance may be against the PAO or the DDO or the CRA. The duly filled form to be forwarded to CRA.

It may be noted that grievance can also be lodged after logging in to the CRA site ( which is a much faster way of lodging a complaint and resolving the same.

Physical Transaction Statement is as on August 12, 2010. The online view generates a statement which is updated as on previous day.

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