Vodafone dog – happy to help

We all Know How Creative The Vodafone Ads will Be.  Duo of vodafone dog and a little girl would make a perfect match. Here is one of such ads. Below this video, you can also see how the same vodafone dog helps the girl after she grows older.

Summary of The Ad Vodafone Dog Helping The Girl while Baking:

The Little Girl will be busy Mixing the flour and other ingredients in a big bowl, seems like she is determined to do a very big dish. The Little girl Uses a Recipe book for instructions. The Wind constantly disturb her not letting her to see the page of Book which she is interested in. The Vodafone dog, Rather Vodafone Pug, comes into the scene, jumps on the table and it tightly holds the book for her lying its small legs on the book! When you see this Moment in Video, It Looks so Cute and very adorable. This CuteVodafone Dog ensures the girl to read the recipe book as good as possible.

And now the girl is older,

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