Use excel as a canvas to show your artistic talent

excelart, use excel fro art workMS Excel, as you know this is a spread sheet application provided by Microsoft as part of Microsoft Office. This is one of most powerful and very easy to use applications in the world as of now. Statistics says there are around 500 million excel users world wide (obviously official statistics would have left out users installed with pirated excel, the count of which may be more than the official one).

Right from usage for normal office document processing to advanced data management system, MS Excel caters to all class users for the past 15 years.

Those who are lovers of Excel have also started using Excel for purposes which are totally differennt from excel's actual utility. Have you heard about people making beautiful paintings using Excel? Yes.

Artists such as Danielle Aubert, who has made quite a name for herself with this innovative application, have turned Excel into a drawing tool.

See Danielle Aubert's Excel art work here

Computer geeks who were inspired by this art work in excel wanted a software to do this art work in excel. One such software is excelArt that converts any image into an excel file which contains the image. Same image but in your favourite excel cells. Interesting. Is't not?

Download ExcelArt

Click here for tips to convert an image into excel art using ExcelArt

The following excel file that is totally handmade! (I mean no use of software such as ExcelArt!) was an inspiration for many like Jalaj P.Jha who later developed a utility software to convert an image in to an excel file that contains excel art. See his website using the following link to know how he was inspired by an excel file called Village.xls

Go to Jalaj P.Jha's site

And finally, the very famous Village Art in Excel. To enjoy this amazing painting you have to download the following excel file names as Village.xls

Download Village.xls

How to get the feel of the art from Village.xls?

1. After downloading the Village.xls excel file double click the same to open it.

2. Left click on any of the cells and then press Control alongwith A to select all cells.

3. Go to Format on the top and set the row height as 15.33.

4. Go to Format and set the column width as 2.4.

Now see the magic!!

Mr.Padmanabhan Vijayaraghavan, a GConnect member provided this village excel, which was an inspiration for writing this article.  Thank you Mr.Vijayaraghavan