Three Apples have Changed the World

tribute to steve jobs, apple and steve jobsThis is what written in Time Magazine as Tribute to Steve Jobs, Co Founder of Apple Inc who died this week due to pancreatic Cancer.

Steve Jobs, whose death was announced on Wednesday night, wasn't a computer scientist. He had no training as a hardware engineer or an industrial designer. The businesses that Apple entered under his leadership — from personal computers to MP3 players to smartphones — all existed before the company got there.

But with astonishing regularity, Jobs did something that few people accomplish even once: he reinvented entire industries. He did it with ones that were new, like PCs, and he did it with ones that were old, such as music. And his pace only accelerated over the years.

He was the most celebrated, successful business executive of his generation, yet he flouted many basic tenets of business wisdom. (Like his hero and soulmate, Polaroid founder Edwin Land, he refused to conduct focus groups and other research that might tell him what his customers wanted.) In his many public appearances as the head of a large public corporation, he rarely sounded like one. He introduced the first Macintosh by quoting Bob Dylan, and took to saying that Apple sat "at the intersection of the liberal arts and technology."

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Above all, the following tribute to Steve Jobs by Prince of Saudi (Alwaleed) touched our heart.

Three “apples” have changed the world, the “Adams Apple”, the “Newton Apple” and “Steve Jobs’ Apple.”