The Making of Vodofone Zoozoo Ad

The Vodafone Zoozoos are sure to go down in the marketing history of the world as the cutest and the most memorable characters on TV. The Zoozoo Ads were designed by O&M as a part of IPL sponsorship campaign for Vodafone.

Each zoozoo commercial uses a story which is enacted by these endearing creatures. At a glance, Zoozoos look like archaic animated forms. But these are in fact real thin professional ballet artists donning masks. zoozoos hardly speak and mostly squeak which goes perfectly with their child like reactions to everything. The innocent world of these cute ET like characters where the ZOOzoos laugh out loud and cry outloud is what fills our heart with warmth and laughter. So, dont be surprised if your doctor tells you to watch Zoozoo videos in order to de-stress!!!

Here are the photos that were shot at the time of making of Vodafone Zoozoos ads