TeamViewer-Use your Home PC from Office

teamviewer PC remote control software, how to control remote computer over internet, screen sharing software, remote desktop, remote desktop software, teamviewer, teamviewer 4You are at Office and you are in need of an important document or a program available in your computer at home.  Your spouse is at home and asks you whether those documents/program could be attached in the email so that you could receive it over internet.  Unfortunately, those files could not be attached in email due to its file size or executable nature (.exe file).

Now the only way to use those files which is in your computer at home is to access your computer at home from your Office Computer.  Is it practically possible?

Yes. it is possible by installing a good remote screen sharing software at your home as well as at your office.  Once it is intslled at both ends you can very easily take control of or operate one computer by sitting right on the other.

Team viewer is one of the very effective free softwares in the remote screen/desktop sharing software category.  It is absolutely free for non commercial and personal use.  It is already used by more than 100 million users. 

With TeamViewer, you can establish a connection to any computer via the Internet and control it remotely or simply present your own desktop.

How to install TeamViewer?

Download full version of TeamViewer from the following link.

TeamViewer download link

Click the following link for detailed guide for installing TeamViewer.

Click here for TeamViewer installation guide.

How to use TeamViewer?

After TeamViewer is installed double click the icon on your desktop to get the program running. On the screen you will notice it has your ID and also your password.  TeamViewer software has to be installed and the same has to be run (double clicked for knowing the id and password of the session) in the computer which is at a remote place and wanted to be taken over control by you. 

Say your friend is at the other end and If you want to take the control of the remote computer at the other end get the teamviewer session id and password of that computer from him and enter the same in the window that appears just after opening TeamViewer.  Similarly, if your friend wants to take over control of your computer, start TeamViewer and tell him the teamviewer session id and password. 

You will also see four options which are Remote Support, Presentation, File Transfer, and VPN.  Select remote support.


By Entering his password , you will be able to see his computer screen. and you can do everything on his computer. The best thing is your partner can also see what you are doing on his screen and both of you can work together. Once you are both connected together you can access the remote PC just like you would use your very own. If you need to help a friend with a problem you can do it very easily.

Go to this TeamViewer Website for more

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