Supreme Court, High Court Judges Set To Get Enhanced Dearness Allowance

Judges of the Supreme Court and the 24 high courts are set to get enhanced dearness allowance (DA), months after they received a nearly two-fold salary hike.

According to a Law Ministry order issued on April 5, Supreme Court and high court judges will get 7 per cent DA with effect from January 1. So far, they were getting 5 per cent DA.

The hike in their allowance is in line with the DA, members of all-India services get, from time to time.

The judges will also get an enhanced furnishing allowance as the government has decided to amend the rules in this regard.

The furnishing allowance of Supreme Court judges will be doubled from the existing Rs. 5 lakh. The furnishing allowance was last revised in 2009.

Till now, Supreme Court judges and chief justices of high courts were paid Rs. 4 lakh for furnishing of their homes and offices.

In January, the salary of Supreme Court and high court judges was hiked nearly two-folds.

The Chief Justice of India will now get a monthly salary of Rs. 2.80 lakh, up from the present Rs.1 lakh.

Similarly, judges of the Supreme Court and chief justices of high courts will draw a monthly salary of Rs. 2.50 lakh, up from the current Rs. 90,000, according to the Act notified by the law ministry.

As against the approved strength of 31, the Supreme Court today has 25 judges. The 24 high courts have an approved strength of 1,079, but 682 judges are handling work currently. The move will also benefit 2,500 retired judges.


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