Skydrive-An online storage that offers more

windows live, windows skydrive, free online storage space, 25GB free storage spaceHave you ever tried to attach a file of large size (say over 10 MB) with email for sending the same to your friend but couldn't succeed? 

Or have you ever got a warning while attaching a file to your email that you are trying to attach an executable (.exe) file and the same could not be done?

If the answer for any of the above two questions is yes, you require an online storage space where you can store any type of files including larger files executable files, which can be shared with your friends at any time. 

Windows Live SkyDrive is one such online storage space which offers 25GB of free online storage. You can use SkyDrive storage to back up your files online for free, or to share large files with others.


You can assign permissions and set folders to public or private, to help you share individual files with only people that you select.

Free use of Windows Office applications:

SkyDrive also gives you access to free Office Web Apps like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint so you can create, share and work online with others.

With SkyDrive you can also create Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents, even without having Microsoft Office installed.  You can share them with Hotmail.

Your contacts will get an email that lets them access the documents on SkyDrive – and even help you edit them.

Ease of use:

Uploading your files to SkyDrive is easy – simply drag your files from your computer and drop them into SkyDrive.

With SkyDrive, you don’t have to be in front of your PC to see your photos and documents. Access all your password-protected files from any computer or phone with Internet access.

How to use Windows Skydrive?

Use the following link to go to the windows skydrive website and register for windows live ID.  In fact Windows live ID is a passport for accessing all Windows live applications. 

Go to Windows Skydrive