Set your Handwriting as default font in your PC

For those who would love to type in their own handwriting in the computer, this cool website presents an amazing tool. Its called FontCapture and it lets you create a font from your own handwriting. Means you no longer need to use any complicated software to make custom fonts, this web app does it all.


The idea is simple and easy. There’s no software to download and install, all you need is a printer and a scanner. Download and print the pdf file called font template and fill up your handwriting using a black pen as provided in the instructions. Then scan the filled up font template print-out and upload the scanned file in the step 3 to FontCapture website after giving a name to the font you are going to create and also your name as author name.

FontCapture font template download page

FontCapture filled-up font template upload page
FontCapture filled-up font template upload page

Then download font provided by FontCapture. Install this font in your computer. Now you are ready to type in your handwriting. Cool is’t not?

Here is link to FontCapture Website

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