Script to add New Rupee button in your computer

new rupee symbol, true type font for rupee symbol, new rupee font installation script, how to install rupee fontIt’s a good work of Mr.N.Masilamani, who works for a Central Government Department at Bangalore.  He has written a script for automatic installation of Rupee font for making your MS Office (MS word, MS Excel etc) New Rupee font aware at ease.

After announcement of new Rupee symbol many enthusiasts created fonts for new rupee symbol.  In one of the previous articles of GConnect we also introduced a new rupee font for use text processing.

Check this Gconnect article to know more about new Rupee font created by foradian technologies.

You will find that the script developed now by Shri.N.Masilamani for installing new rupee font in your computer is more effective one after you go through the following advantages.

  • You need not search for the place in the windows operating system to save the font file.  You have to just double click the RUPEE.vbs file which is the script file provided by him to automatically install the font in the required destination.
  • In the previous method of merely adding a true type font for rupee (.ttf file), you have to change the font type in the Word program every time to type new rupee symbol and then revert to the font type which you use for typing out other contents of the document.  But the script developed by  Shri. N.Masilamani would take care of automatic change of font type when the button for new rupee symbol that is conspicuously available in the standard tool bar on the top.  The reversal to the font type of your choice for other contents of the documents is also automatic.  In other words, you need not change the font type.  Just click the button for new rupee symbol.
  • For those who always love to use keyboard shot cut need not be discouraged as Control key+The Grave acent symbol (`) – the key just above “tab” button in your keyboard has been mapped for Rupee symbol.

Kudos to Mr. N.Masilamani for sharing this valuable work to GConnect readers.

How to add button on standard toolbar of MS Word for India rupee symbol

  • Open  MS Word  and set macro security to low  using Tools menu item as shown below.  (Tools -> Macro->Security , then in the dialog box, check low then click on  ‘OK’ button)

  • Close MS WORD
  • Download  the from this link.
  • Unzip/extract all files in to a folder at any location in your computer.
  • Three files viz.,, rupee.vbs and Rupee_Foradian.ttf will be available in the downloaded zip folder.
  • Right click on rupee.vbs and  click on open menu to run the script in order to install.
  • Show the standard tool bar in your word program if not already done.

  • Now you can see a button for rupee symbol on standard toolbar.

  • Click on the button to insert  rupee symbol in the cursor location.


Note : The  utility was tested in MS word version 2000 ,2002, 2003, Office XP and Office 2007.  We found that this small tool is also compatible with Office 2007.  If you have Office 2007, once the RUPEE.vbs is installed go to insert menu and then to Symbol, where you can choose the new rupee symbol.

installation guide to include New Rupee font

Update (23-08-2010): Feedback from many of the readers revealed that rupee symbol font type if any installed earlier/prior to the installation of this script has to be removed for proper functioning of this script.

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