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doPDF is a free PDF converter for both personal and commercial use. Using doPDF you can create PDF files by selecting the “Print” command from virtually any application. With one click you can convert your Microsoft Excel, Word or PowerPoint documents or your emails and favorite web sites to PDF files.

Convert to PDF

doPDF installs itself as a virtual PDF printer driver once you download and install it.  After a successful installation it will appear in your Printers and Faxes list. To convert document or web page to PDF, you just have to use print command of the document or your browser after choosing doPDF as your default print driver. Open a document (with Microsoft Word, WordPad, NotePad or any other software) or a web page using Internet explorer or any other browser, choose Print and select doPDF. It will ask you where to save the PDF file and when finished, the PDF file will be automatically opened in your default PDF viewer/reader. Screenshot below shows how easy it is to create a PDF file from a web page:

1. Once you install doPDF software in your computer you are ready to save any file in pdf form.  For example if you have to save a web page as pdf file, go to File menu of your browser and select print as shown below.


2. You get print window as shown below.  Select doPDF print icon and click print button found in the bottom.


3. Now you have to select the location where you have to save the generated pdf file and also give a file name using the browse button found in the save window as shown below.


4. That’s it.  Now you have got a pdf file in the location chosen by you.  Open the pdf file using any one of pdf reader such as adobe reader,  foxit reader etc.


Saving web pages as pdf file will always be useful, especially in the case of filling up a form online.  For example when you generate ITR return using Gconnect’s online tool for generating ITR, it will not be possible to save the output i.e the filled up Income Tax return (ITR).  In such cases doPDF will be very much useful.  Just print after you have chosen dopdf as your default print driver.  You will have your filled up ITR-1 or ITR-2 in a form of pdf file which can be saved and printed later.

Main benefits for using this free PDF converter:

  • It’s free – PDF converter free for both commercial and personal use.
  • 32-bit and 64-bit support – can be installed on both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems.
  • No GhostScript or .NET – doesn’t require 3rd party programs to do PDF files such as GhostScript or runtime environments like the .NET Framework. This makes the setup file to be incredibly small compared to other free PDF converters.
  • Customizable resolution – you can choose any resolution from 72 to 2400 dpi.
  • Predefined/custom page sizes – choose a default page size (Letter, Legal, A4, A5, A6, …) or enter your own custom page size.
  • Searchable PDFs – you can search for text within the created PDF file (and search engines will also index the text from the PDF).
  • Multi-language – choose a language for the user interface from the 20 languages currently supported.
  • Do your part in saving the planet – instead of consuming paper to print your document, why not create a PDF file out of it and spare a couple of planet-saving trees?
  • Barely uses any computer resources – compared to other free PDF converters, doPDF barely uses any memory or CPU resources when doing the actual conversion to PDF.

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