Route Planner by – A Good tool for a smart traveller

We have lot of websites nowadays for booking tickets for flight, train, and bus at ease. By just knowing the name of the place to which we need to travel we can very easily book an online ticket.

Given all these facilities do you think planning for a travel to an unknown city in India is easy? Smart travellers would say a big No to this question.

A smart traveller would like to know following details before he plans for a travel

1. Shortest Route,

2. Comfortable Route (may be some time longest)

3. Distance by Road

4. Distance by Rail

5. Important places in between

6. Options for mixed mode of travel (say for half of the distance I travel by Train and then a taxi instead of covering entire distance by Taxi)

7. Cost for travel by various mode of travel (Bus, Car, Train, Flight Etc)

8. Nearest Tourist Spots if any

Getting these information using google may not be a difficult thing. But it would take lot of time as we need to make a separate search for each of these details.

Route Planner by

Is there a website or online tool provides these information by just getting two inputs 1. Starting place and 2. Destination.

If you have asked this question few months back there would not have been a concrete answer as we had only sites which do some travel related search in bits and pieces.

But, recently introduced a new web-based tool called Route Planner, which would take care of all the needs of a smart traveller.

RoutePlanner Tool by says Route planner can search across 1 billion routes and modes combinations within India.

We could see that by just keying in starting place and the destination we get to know the shortest route, distance between any of the chosen routes with available modes of transport (flights,trains, bus, cab) and estimated duration for the journey and fare across different modes.

The tool also suggests name, number and timing of train and flight which you can prefer. The interesting part of this suggestion is even in the case of multiple modes of journey route planner provides the details of connecting trains or flights and timings of the same. This information will be very useful in case of non-availability of direct trains or flights between two places.

RoutePlanner Tool by

RoutePlanner Tool by

These details are in fact must to know information before booking tickets online to an unknown city. We can also take certain smart decisions such as whether to cover the entire distance by a taxi or to travel by train up to a place which is comfortable to us and then take a taxi.

Bottom-line is these information might save your money and valuable time.