Retrieve your lost USB Pen Drive

USB pen driveHaving a personal USB Pen Drive has become a common phenomenon like a mobile phone nowadays. There are pretty good chances that you lose your personal USB Pen drive. You may think that nothing much could be done with the loss of this small device as the person who found it could use by just formatting the same even if you had put a whole lock.

But at the same time if he/she wants to return back the drive to you, will it not be fine if your contact details could be shown when your USB drive is plugged in ? That’s the work done exactly done by this freeware named as “Help! I’am lost!”.

Download this zipped file and extract the same in your USB pen drive. Once you unzip it you could find a folder called LostDrive. There will be three files inside the same which are named as autorun,Help.exe and readme.txt. Just copy these three files and place the same in the root of the drive, i.e., these files should not be inside any of the folders.

Also open the readme.txt using notepad and incorporate your contact details in the relevant places and save it. The files readme.txt, autorun etc., are common names. While saving these files in the pen drive you may get a notice that these files are already available and whether you want to overwrite it. You can very well overwrite the existing files. That’s it.

Want to check the utility of this softerware? Next time when your pen drive is plugged in you could see the Autoplay window which looks like this

lost drive

Select “Help! I’m Lost!” icon which is found along with “Open folder to view files” icon in the Autoplay window. You could see a message window  which will reveal the loss of your Pen drive along with your contact details.

Download Help! I’am lost! freeware

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