RELHS – Retired Employees Liberalised Health Scheme 97

RELHS – Retired Employees Liberalised Health Scheme 97, Fixed Medical Allowance and Constant Attendant Allowance applicable to Railway Employees

What are the Medical Facilities available to Retired Employees?

Medical Facilities available to Retired Railway Employees are covered under RELHS-97 (Retired Employees Liberalised Health Scheme 97). They will be provided with full medical facilities (both indoor and outdoor) for Self, Family Members and Dependent Relatives, as admissible to serving employees in respect of Medical Treatment, Investigations, Diet and Reimbursement of Claims for treatment in Government or recognised non-Railway Hospitals.

“Family Members” and “Dependent Relatives” for purposes of these rules will include all such persons as are eligible under Pass Rules.

They will also be eligible inter-alia, for

(i)         Ambulance services

(ii)        Medical passes

(iii)        Home visits

(iv)       Medical attendance for first two pregnancies of married daughters at concessional rates (For this, special identification cards will be issued duly affixing photographs of married daughters with clear instructions on the card which shall read “ONLY FOR CONFINEMENT AND TREATMENT DURING ANTE-NATAL AND POST NATAL PERIODS FOR THE FIRST TWO PREGNANCIES AT CONCESSIONAL RATES“).

(v)        Treatment of private servants as applicable to serving railway employees.

Those who join the RELHS-97 shall hold Identity Cards with photographs of all the beneficiaries.

The widow on the death of the Pensioner is entitled to medical treatment.

What is the Qualifying Service for joining RELHS 1997?

The Qualifying Service for joining RELHS is 20 years. However, family members of Railway Servant who died in harness rendering less than 20 years Qualifying Service at the time of death are also eligible for joining RELHS.

These are not applicable to those Railway servants who quit service by resignation. However, the resignation tendered by Railway employees on permanent absorption in PSUs/Autonomous Bodies are entitled to enrol themselves under RELHS subject to fulfilment of the prescribed conditions as their resignation is treated as “technical resignation”.

What is the mode of joining RELHS?

For joining RELHS, Employees with minimum 20 years of qualifying service in Railways can give their option at least 3 months prior to their date of retirement and by making one time contribution equal to the last month’s basic pay at the time of retirement. Option given once will be treated as final.

Joining of RELHS-07 is MANDATORY for all retiring Railway employees. In case the retiring officer/staff is unwilling to join the scheme, he/she will have to submit his/her unwillingness in writing with a clear understanding that no further chance shall be given to join the scheme in future.

What is Fixed Medical Allowance?

Railway Pensioners/Family Pensioners, whether they are members of RELHS or not, who reside beyond 2.5 KMs from Railway Hospitals/Health Units, are entitled for Fixed Medical Allowance.  Fixed Medical Allowance has been enhanced from Rs.100 to Rs.300/- per month w.e.f. 01.09.2008.

What is Constant Attendant Allowance?

Pensioners who retired on disability pension under the Railway Services (Extraordinary Pension) Rules, 1993 for 100% disability (where the individual is completely dependent on somebody else for day to day functions), are entitled for Constant Attendant Allowance of Rs.3000/- per month in addition to the Disability Pension w.e.f. 01.01.2006, on the lines existing in Defence Forces. The pensioners who retired on disability pension before 01.01.2006 and fulfilling the conditions are also entitled to Constant Attendant Allowance. No Dearness Relief is admissible on Constant Attendant Allowance.

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Source: Indian Railways

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