Raising Retirement Age to 62 – Media indicates proposal by DOPT to PMO

Raising Retirement Age to 62 for Central Government Employees – As per Latest Media News Proposal for raising Retirement Age to 62 has been forwarded by DOPT to PMO

News on Central Government Employees retirement age has again proped-up now. As per oheraldo.in (website of Herald Publications, an english daily from Goa) the Ministry of Personnel and Training has forwarded a proposal to raise the retirement of age of Central Government Employees to 62 to the Prime Minister’s office (PMO) for inclusion in the agenda of the Cabinet.

The Daily has also reported that High Court judges already enjoy tenure up to 62 while the retirement age of the Supreme Court judges and the Election Commissioners is 65. Madhya Pradesh government has already raised the retirement age of its employees to 62.

OheraldO.in also reports that Retirement Age of Central Government Employees was earlier raised from 55 to 58 by then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru in 1962 after the war with China and then to 60 years by the then NDA government in 1998 on the recommendation of the central pay commission.

Source: OheraldO.in

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