Rain affects cloud Computing since it has Cloud

"Cloud computing is unreliable in a storm; if it rains, the data might get washed away. Information stored in mobile phones leaches into the phone’s battery and stays there even if the SIM is destroyed. Whatever you say hangs in the air around you for an hour, and can be sucked into recording machines and played back"

vishwa bandhu guptaIf you think this is nonsense, ask Vishwa Bandhu Gupta, a former additional commissioner of income-tax and now vigorous anti-corruption campaigner, to explain. Gupta, who has shared a dais with Anna Hazare and his civil society group, is a regular on some TV channels — scattering priceless gems on an entire range of issues, including black money, petroleum prices and contemporary Indian politics.

In a video gone viral on the internet, Vishwa Bandhu Gupta, a former additional commissioner of income-tax, makes it clear that he thinks cloud computing is about real clouds and how data can be lost if the cloud bursts into rain.

Gupta, now a vigorous anti-corruption campaigner, says, "Aaj poora technical system cloud system par aa gaya hai… jo aaj aap Google istemaal karte hain… cloud system pe aa gaya hai… Abhi tak yeh study nahin ki gayi hai jab andhad aata hai tab kya hoga… kisi garib ki UID banate waqt… cloud formatting galat aati hai… baarish aa gayi toh records galat aayenge aur woh garib aadmi arrest ho jayega…"

(Today the entire technical system, Google, is cloud based… But there is no study on what happens in a storm… cloud formatting will go wrong, a UID card will have mistakes in the rain… some poor man's UID will go wrong… and he will be arrested…)

Watch the video that shows this real concern(!) of Mr.Vishwabandhu Gupta


Source: The Times of India