Proposals for opening of 275 new Kendriya Vidyalas

The Ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD) New Delhi, has been considering the  matter pertaining to the proposal of opening of 275 new Kendriya Vidyalayas under the Public Private Partnership (PPP).   Now,  the Ministry has desired from Kendriya Vidyala Sanghatan  to prepare the EFC MEMO for opening of 275 new KVs under the PPP mode.  As  the proposed scheme deserves extensive study, the Ministry has constituted a high level  committee comprising the following members with immediate effect to study the proposal of opening of 275 new Kendriya Vidyalays under PPP mode and deliberate thereon.   The Committee will submit its report within 3 months to the Commissioner, KVS.

1. Sh.O.M.Prabhakaran, Joint Commissioner (Admn)    – Chairman
2. Dr. E. Prabhakar, Dy. Commissioner (Pers)     – Member
3. Sh U.N.Khaware, Dy. Commissioner (Acad)     – Member
4. Sh B.S Nagaraja, Assistant Commissioner (Fin.)    – Member
5. Sh. K.K.Ahuja, Ex. Engineer     – Member
6. Sh N.S.Rana    E.O., RO Dehradun     – Member
7. Sh D. Manivannan E.O. RO Chennai     – Member
8. Sh Rajender Kr. Sharma, Sr. Admn Officer     – Member Secretary