PRAGATI – PM to monitor public Grievances online

New system to monitor Public Grievances directly by PM

A new computer based system to monitor the Public Grievances is developed viz., by PMO.  This system will be monitored by PM directly and PM will take action on the complaints registered/ recorded on this site.


Nripendra Misra

Principal Secretary to Prime Minister


March 09, 2015
Dear Secretary,

After assuming office, the Prime Minister has been quite anxious to design a credible mechanism for redressal of Public Grievances. He is equally keen to see that programmes and projects launched by the Government(s) are monitored properly for timely implementation and desired outcome. In the same spirit and for holistic development of the country, it is also necessary to facilitate from GOI level the projects of the States. Accordingly, with the three objectives of: Grievance Redressal, Programme implementation and Project Monitoring, an IT based redressal and monitoring system has been designed. It will combine Data Management & Analysis, GlS/other locational Application as well as Video-conferencing. The application will be accessible to the relevant and pre-decided stakeholders only.

2. The programme will be known as PRAGATl (Pro-Active Governance And Timely Implementation).

Key features of the application are as follows:

i. PRAGATI will be a three-tier system (PMO, GOl Secretaries & Chief Secretaries of the States);

ii. Prime Minister will hold a monthly programme where he will interact with the GUI Secretaries & Chief Secretaries through Video-conferencing enabled by data and geo-informatics/visuals;

iii. The first such programme is being planned on the 25th March, 2015 (Wednesday) at 3.30 PM;

iv. Now onwards, it will be held once in every month on Fourth Wednesday at 3.30 PM;

v. Issues to be flagged before the PM will be picked up from the available data base regarding Public Grievances, on-going Programmes and pending Projects;

vi. The system will initially ride on and use the data base of the CPGRAMS, Project Monitoring Group (PMG) and Programme implementation Ministry. Necessary interface is being designed for this purpose;

vii. It will also take into consideration various correspondences to this office by the common people or from high dignitaries of States and/or developers of public projects;

viii. The issues fla ed will be u loaded seven by PM. (i.e., on third Wednesday of every month

ix. These issues can be viewed by the GOI Secretaries & Chief Secretaries after entering into the application;

x. GOI Secretaries & Chief Secretaries will be able to see the issues pertaining to their Department /State;

xi. Wherever the issues involve a PSU of the Government of India, at this stage, the CMD/MD of the concerned PSU will have to liaise with the Secretary concerned and be available for video-conferencing at the location of the secretary;

xii. GOI Secretaries & Chief Secretaries will have to put their comments and updates about the flagged issues within three days (i.e. by next Monday);

xiii. The Tuesday should be available to the PMO team to review the data entered by the GOI Secretaries & Chief Secretaries;

xiv. The design is that when PM reviews the issue he should have on his screen the issue as well as the latest updates regarding the same;

xv. During the interaction, PM will discuss and understand the problem areas and will give suitable directions;

xvi. These directions will remain in the system for further follow up and review till finality of the matter.

3. I am writing this in advance so that you may take some preparatory steps which will include:

i. Video conferencing facility for each of the GOI Secretaries & Chief Secretaries;

ii. Other technical and administrative preparations for proper monitoring and engagement with the Programme;

iii. Updates on major pending projects which are likely to be taken up for discussion.

4. The web address of the application, User ID & Password for each of the GOI

Secretaries & Chief Secretaries will be made available shortly. The system has been designed with the help of National Informatics Center (NIC). Hence, the local NIC officials are being advised to help you and explain in this regard.

Finance Ministry’s Communication on PRAGATI


F No.Dir.(Hqrs.)/Ch.(DT)/39/2010 (Vo.III)
Government   of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Revenue
{ Central   Board of Direct  Taxes  }

Dated   19th  March, 2015.

All Pr.  CCsIT(CCA)/Pr. DGsIT  /CCsIT    (as  per  list)

Subject:  Monitoring of Public  Grievances by Hon’ble   PM  through   Pro-Active  Governance And Timely Implementation (PRAGATI)  regarding-


An  online   system    (website has been  developed  by the Prime Minister’s Office for monitoring  of grievance redressal, programme implementation,  and project  monitoring.    A copy of D.O.No.A-50011/5/2015-ADMN/2015 dated 9th  March,  2015   in this regard received  from Principal Secretary to Prime Minister  is  enclosed   for ready reference.

As per  this  programme,  PRAGATI will be a three-tier  system  (PMO,  GOI  Secretaries & Chief Secretaries  of the States).     Prime  Minister  will hold a monthly  programme  where  he will interact with the GOI Secretaries  &  Chief Secretaries through Video-conferencing enabled by data and geo informatics/visuals.  The   first   such   programme  is  being   planned  on  the   25tMarch’2015 (Wednesday) at 3.30  PM  and  then  onwards,  it will  be  held  once  in  every  month  on  Fourth Wednesday at 3.30 PM.

The  System   will initially  ride  on  and   use  the  data  base  of  CPGRAMS,   Project  Monitoring Group(PMG)   and  Programme   Implementation   Ministry.    The  issues  flagged will be uploaded seven days   prior  to the PRAGATI day by PM  (i.e.  on third Wednesday   of every month).   Department of Revenue will have to put their comments and updates about the flagged issues  within three days(i.e.    by next Monday).For  the first  interaction  on 25th  March,2015,    10 grievances relating to Income Tax have been identified by PMO,the  status  of which is  to be uploaded  by  Monday,  the 23rd  March,2015. Details of these  grievances   are being communicated  separately.

In this  connection  it may be stated that instructions   have been issued by this  office on disposal of grievances received through  CPGRAMS  from time to time. However,  keeping in view the review of grievances  to be undertaken  henceforth  by  the Hon’ble   PM every  month,   through  video conferencing with  GOI Secretaries,   Chairperson desires   that  all  grievances    received  through CPGRAMS  may  be attended   to on  priority    basis   for  timely   disposal.     It may be ensured     that the  website   for  CPGRAMS is   accessed   by  the  officer     deputed    for  this   work   in  your   office   on  daily  basis    and  new  grievances received are transferred for necessary   action to the  concerned    authorities   on  the  same  day.  Moreover, as and  when   grievances    are  reported    as    settled   by  the concerned  authorities  the  position must be uploaded    on  the  CPGRAMS    system   immediately  for final   closure   of  the  grievance   by  the    office  of CBDT   (Hqrs.).     Special   efforts   are  required to be  made  to  dispose    of grievances   which   are  pending   for more  than  one  year  and  reasons    for delay   for  disposal    (beyond   the  period   of  60  days   from  the  date  of receipt)    may  be invariably  ascertained    from  the  offices   concerned    and  remedial   measures   suggested    for guidance   of   the  field officers   to expedite   disposal.

This  issues   with  the  approval   of Chairperson, CBDT.   above.

T el:23093544

Download F No.Dir.(Hqrs.)/Ch.(DT)/39/2010 (Vo.III) dated 19.03.2015 issued on PM’s  PERSONAL MONITORING system

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