Personalize Google News to read more about topic of your interest

How to personalize google news?

For regular surfers of Internet this might be a well known story. Google, the search giant also provides a very useful news aggregation space known as “google news”.  The idea is very simple.  If you want to know what’s happening in the world right now, just go to  It provides topic wise news and happenings reported in popular news providing to personalize google news?

But all news are not required by everybody.  Your son may be interested in Cricket and while you are much worried about Anna Hazare, your spouse may be developing in depth knowledge on anti-oxidants that keep us younger.  Yet google news serves all.

Google News Personalization:

This is a very interesting aspect of google news that caters to the above requirement.  You have to use your gmail account to log-in to google news site.  Then use personalize google news button found on the right top corner.  The following options will be displayed once you click the button.

The first option will be to choose the quantum of news you require on each topic.

The second option will be to give more priority to a particular source.  In other words if you want to read the news about the topic you are interested in, mainly from a particular news website you can do the same by adjusting the source.  For example if you want rely more on Times of India rather than IBN live, you can give more weightage to Times of India and less one to IBN live by using the moving button placed against these news sources.

The third and very interesting option is adding our own topics.  For example you want to know about the breaking news on Dearness Allowance of Central Government employees.  Then just add the key word “Dearness Allowance” in the box provided.  Once added your personalized topic will find place along with the standard topics in the left panel.  If you click the topic on the left panel, the main (right panel) will then show all the news related to the keyword, dearness allowance that are reported in major news websites, blogs etc.

This is the official Introduction video released by google news.

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