Payment of wages of outsourced employees for the month of March 2020

The Office of DDG (W) under the Central Public Works Department issued an office memorandum regarding disbursement of payment for the month of March 2020 to all outsourced and daily wages employees.

Government of India
Central Public Works Department
Office of DDG (W)

No. PM/CPWD/Camp

Dated 11th April 2020


Subject: Payment of Wages of outsourced employees/ Daily wagers for the Month of March 2020.

The undersigned is directed to convey that all field units shall ensure payments to contractors against payment of wages of outsourced employees/Daily wagers for the Month of March 2020. I am further directed to convey that above payments to contractors must be made before making any other contractual payment for supply or work done under 2059 (M & R) and 2216 (M & R). All field units are requested to immediately release payment today itself and confirm that payments have been made. All SDGs/ADGs are requested to send the compliance report of the same with the Nos. of benefited workers. Reports may be compiled at SDG/ADG level and forwarded to Director (PM & PG) at email [email protected] urgently for onward submission to MOHUA.

This issue with the approval of DDG(W).

(P K Gupta)
Dir. (P PG)

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