Now, IRCTC will predict your wait-listed tickets will get confirmed or not

IRCTCWhile you may not get confirmed berths each time you book a train ticket, You can find out if your ticket stands a chance of being confirmed thanks to a new predictive service on the IRCTC website, officials said on Monday. At midnight, the new and refurbished IRCTC website went live; and now, it will let Indian Railways passengers know the probability of confirmation of wait-listed tickets based on a new algorithm developed by the Centre for Railway Information Systems (CRIS).

“According to the new feature of wait-list prediction, one can predict the chances of a wait-listed or a RAC ticket getting confirmed on the basis of booking trends. We will mine our own data of passenger operations and booking patterns for the first time,” a senior official in the Railway Ministry said.

The algorithm will take into account the past 13 years’ data to arrive at a “robust, workable model”, the officials said.

While predictions have been used by private players, the officials said that the Indian Railways system would be more reliable as it would have the advantage of the database of the national transporter.

Nearly 1.3 million tickets are booked on the IRCTC website every day against a reserved accommodation of 1.05 million berths, the officials said.

Here are some features IRCTC has introduced

— Check trains without logging into your IRCTC account: With the new IRCTC e-ticketing system, a user need not even log in to the new website to enquire or search for trains and check on availability of seats, while the older version only allowed access to registered users.

— Fare break-up and user-friendly layout: User-friendly layout for modification of journey details, availability lookup for other days and fare break-up have been provided by IRCTC and Indian Railways.

— ‘Waitlist prediction’ feature has been provided

— Use of ‘Vikalp’ for changing boarding point: Users can also perform multiple activities like cancellation, printing, request for an SMS, selection of an alternative train by exercising the “Vikalp” option, and changing the boarding point if required.

— IRCTC user cards: “While booking tickets, separate cards for each passenger have been provided to fill in their details. Pre-filled particulars will ensure a quick booking experience. The user can manage the payment options by marking six banks as preferred banks under the ‘My Profile’ section,” an official said.

Source: BS

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