New Year Resolutions – What’s your idea?

Every New Year, you see a chance to reinvent yourself for the better. This includes host of new resolutions like losing weight, shaping up, give up fag or booze, treading cautiously with money etc.  The problem is, you can never follow through. Your resolutions will either be broken, forgotten, or simply ignored.  what’s your idea on this?  We invite experiences (it could be funny too!) or suggestions of GConnect readers/members on the New year resolutions they have planned to take.  You can share your ideas as comments to this article.

These are standard ideas by experts to keep up New year resolutions.  But we seek something special from GConnect friends!

1. Make Resolutions Measurable

Many times, people set lofty and non-measurable resolutions for themselves. Saying that you’re going to lose weight this year is not a resolution, but saying that you want to lose 5kgs is something you can hold yourself to.

2. Aim Low

It goes without saying that most New Year’s resolutions are easier written than done-but if you set the bar too high, you’re doomed from the start. Instead of a sweeping declaration like “I will lose 30 kg by April and finally fit into that dress,” target a goal that’s more attainable, like losing 10 or 15 kg.

3. Don’t Go Overboard

It’s difficult enough for the average person to follow through on one ambitious New Year’s resolution; why on earth would you saddle yourself with three or four? Choose the most pressing issue at hand.  Trying to do everything simultaneously practically guarantees failure across the board.

4. Publicize Your Resolutions

One school of thought says that New Year’s resolutions are best kept to oneself, but look at it this way: the more people you blabber your resolution to, the more people there’ll be to push you along if you fall behind. There’s no shame in seeking help if you can’t accomplish your resolution on your own. Now with the likes of Facebook and Orkut, it should be easy to blast your goals to everyone under the sun.

5. Monitor forward steps

“Keep track of what you’re doing toward change. Mark the calendar, diary or tick off the checklist every time you achieve the new behavior. Self-accountability has a lot to do with happy habits.

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