Mongoose Bats in IPL 2010

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Cricket bats have looked roughly the same for at least a hundred years, but the Mongoose is a radically different animal.   The Mongoose is the brainchild of inventor Marcus Codrington Fernandez, a former creative director at the advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather.

His first conclusion was that, in the age of Twenty20 cricket, there is no point in having all that wood around the bat’s shoulders. The splice has no offensive capability in any case. So you might as well lengthen the handle, and make the blade shorter and heavier.  In other words, the Mongoose bat is a shorter, more rigid blade is teamed with a longer, more flexible handle to offer increased power, faster bat speed and better manoeuvrability.

The average Mongoose has a toe that is about two inches thick, which means that even the perfect yorker can be driven for four. And when you take this rigid chunk of wood – effectively an 18-inch railway sleeper – and stick it on the end of an equally long handle, it starts to act like a giant golf club.

When the ball is flying around player’s  nostrils, the shoulders of the old-fashioned bat have an important role to play. But on slow, low pitches – like the ones on the sub-continent, or in English club cricket – the Mongoose can double the batmen’s power.

The splice is incorporated into the handle to remove any dead spot from the hitting area and the shoulders have been reconfigured to add weight to the back of the blade.

Former Australia opener Hayden is confident that the new bats, with a bigger sweet spot, will help the batsmen hit harder, faster and further.

“The Mongoose has the potential to revolutionise cricket. Without changing your technique, the bat allows you to hit the ball harder and further. Its power is phenomenal and without a doubt, I am looking forward to playing many successful games with it,” Hayden said in Chennai.

The Mongoose is poised to rewrite record books in the same way that titanium-headed drivers and graphite rackets revolutionised golf and tennis. Because it can be lighter in weight while still offering great power, the Mongoose is ideal for players of all abilities and juniors.

Andrew Symonds (Deccan Chargers) and West Indies’ Dwayne Smith (Deccan Chargers) will be amongst those using the Mongoose bat in IPL 2010, according to its creator Marcus Codrington Fernandez, Director, Mongoose Cricket Ltd. Fernandez said the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) had declared the bat legal and permitted its use in India and worldwide.

The handle of the Mongoose bat is 43 per cent longer and the blade 33 per cent shorter than the conventional bat. And since there is no splice, the sweet spot is increased by 120 per cent. For the moment, 100 bats in two categories will be launched in India and all of them would be signed by Hayden, according to Fernandez.

For the IPL, Mongoose Cricket is launching two limited edition models of the Mongoose MMi3. The MMi3 super premium is made of pro-grade English willow, only 40 super premium bats will be launched throughout India, each bat will be uniquely numbered from 1-40 and will be hand signed by Hayden.

The MMi3 premium is made of grade one English willow, and a limited range of 60 numbered and hand signed bats by Hayden will be available.

The bats will be available at limited retailers throughout the eight cities of the IPL.

Have a look at this video in which Marcus Codrington Fernandez, the inventor explains the features of this bat.

source: IPL website

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